Vacation Insurance - Travel Guard


Travel GuardYou can’t control cancelled flights, missed ships and other unexpected events, but you can protect yourself against the expense to remedy these situations.

Travel insurance is your answer to the high costs related to the replacement of lost luggage or personal items, the interruption or cancellation of your trip, or emergency medical treatment and/or evacuation while traveling.


You are an experienced traveler; plus you have never cancelled a trip yet. Why should you purchase travel insurance this time? Let’s count the reasons.

There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, return home early or force you to seek emergency medical treatment while traveling.

To demonstrate the importance of purchasing travel insurance, and emergency travel services, here are 10 common examples of what a policy can help you with so you are not on your own when you travel.

  1. It's 10 p.m. and you and your immediate family arrive at the airport for a connecting flight, only to find that your flight has been cancelled. Who is going to pay for your overnight room plus get you on your way the next morning?
  2. Your bag was lost by the airline with your child’s treasured stuffed animal inside that they cannot sleep without? You need help to locate your bag as soon as possible. Who do you call? Have you ever tried working with the airlines lost baggage department?
  3. Your first visit to Europe, and your passport and wallet are stolen. Where do you turn for emergency cash, and how will you get your passport replaced?
  4. You're involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available. Who will help arrange and pay for a medical evacuation?
  5. If your Dad becomes seriously ill and you must cancel your trip, what happens to your non-refundable deposits or pre-payments?
  6. You arrive in Jamaica and your luggage doesn't. If it's lost, who will help you find it? If it's delayed, who will pay for your necessities? If it's stolen, who will pay to replace it?
  7. Your cruise line, airline or tour operator goes bankrupt. Who will pay for your non-refundable expenses? Who will help get you to your destination?
  8. You're walking down a street in Rio and twist your ankle. Who can help you find an English-speaking physician?
  9. You are at a beach resort on the Mexican Riviera, and you are forced to evacuate due to an approaching hurricane. Who will help you evacuate and who will reimburse your lost vacation investment?
  10. Insurance policies are not just for when things go wrong. You are in an unfamiliar city and you just want to find a great place to eat but your hotel concierge seems more interested in only recommending the normal tourist traps that they get kickbacks from. With an insurance policy you now have a 24/7 on-call concierge of our own whose only interest is pleasing you.