nuTravel Q&A


Q: Can multiple airlines be reserved in one reservation?
A: Yes. Sometimes nuTravel will display an itinerary for you with different airlines for the one trip, but you can also build the trip manually by clicking on the tabs to the right of the COMPLETE OPTIONS tab. Each tab will represent one-way legs of your trip.

Q: I have two (or more) travelers taking a trip on the exact dates and flights. Can I clone the first traveler’s reservation for the second traveler?
A: Yes, you can as long as the second traveler has a profile in nuTravel. After you finish the first trip, you can choose COPY ITINERARY in the colored bar above your reservation information. That will bring up a page for you to choose the traveler who will be traveling on the cloned trip. Type in their last name and choose their profile and the itinerary will be copied into their trips. If you need any training or someone to walk you through the process, please feel free to call the nuTravel help desk at 888-959-9265 or call 260.434.6600.

Q: Can I request seats on the plane?
A: Yes. At any time, click on the Seat Map link to the right of each airline segment. Click Save.

Q: Can I book AirTran and Southwest?
A: If you are checking a market that offers Southwest Airlines a box will appear at the top of the AIR OPTIONS page allowing you to choose a credit card and click SELECT. This will take you to the SWABIZ website so you can choose your flights. You must make sure you follow all of the prompts to finish the reservation so that you will be brought back into nuTravel. If you don’t click the boxes that tell you to finish your reservation, no reservation will be made. You are also able to make reservations on Air Tran just as you would on any other airline.

Q: Penalty UNKNOWN. What does that mean?
A: It means the airline itinerary is NONREFUNDABLE.

Q: Can I cancel car and/or hotel?
A: Yes. View the traveler’s itinerary to see a CANCEL button next to the car and/or hotel. Click on it. (Hotel cancel fees may apply.)

Q: Will I receive confirmation after I confirm a trip on nuTravel?
A: Yes. After the ticket is issued—and it will be issued within minutes of you going through the purchasing steps—you will receive confirmation from within two hours.

Q: If I book an airline ticket, can I go to the reservation later and add a car and/or hotel?
A: Yes. Sign in and go to the traveler’s Trip List. Click View to the right of the trip. On the left-hand side you will see links to add a car and/or add a hotel.

Q: If I add a car and/or hotel to an existing airline reservation will I get an updated itinerary automatically?
A: An email confirmation after adding a car and/or hotel to an existing airline reservation is not automatic. Please call or email the nuTravel help desk, and we will gladly send it to you.

Q: Can I book only a car and/or hotel?
A: Yes. After signing in, click on the appropriate tab at the top of the left window pane.

Q: Can I book international travel on nuTravel?
A: It is highly recommended you contact our experienced international consultants to book the trip for you. Call 888-434-6500 and ask for an international consultant.

Q: Can I make travel reservations for air, car and/or hotel for someone who will only travel once for my company or who does not have a profile in nuTravel?
A: Making a reservation for a person who will fly only once for your company or who does not have a profile in nuTravel is easy. First, you must be able to access your company’s Variable Traveler profile by hovering over your name in the upper right hand corner and choose Select Another Traveler at the bottom of the list of names that appears. Using the Member ID box, enter your company’s name followed by the word variable (e.g., MCDONALDS VARIABLE), and click Search. Select that profile, and start making the reservation. After you click Purchase —or Reserve to reserve a car and/or hotel— nuTravel will display a page asking you for the traveler’s name. Enter his/her name, email address, any membership number, and continue.

Q: I want to travel to a city that is served by more than one airport (e.g. New York City and the Los Angeles area). In nuTravel, I don’t want to search two or three different times in order to see what I am looking for, so will nuTravel give me flight schedules and prices to all servicing airports for the area I need in one search?
A: Depending on the search parameters you give nuTravel (e.g. time of day and origin city), yes, nuTravel will include flight schedules and prices to all servicing airports for that area. If you have a traveler who needs to go to New York, e.g., and you want to see flight schedules and prices to the three airports that serve New York, before clicking search be sure to place a check in the box that says: Search for fares using multiple airports. (This check box is located at the top of the right window pane (Travel Preferences tab) under Air Travel Preferences.) Note: The three airports that serve New York City are: LaGuardia (LGA, most popular when flying to New York); John F. Kennedy International (JFK); Newark, New Jersey (EWR). For the Los Angeles area: Los Angeles (LAX); Orange County/Santa Ana/John Wayne (SNA) and Long Beach (LGB).


If nuTravel is terribly slow, or if you continue to receive error messages, first try shutting your computer down completely for about 60 seconds, then try again. If the problem continues, please report it to Travel Leaders' nuTravel Help Desk at 1-888-959-9265 or 260.434.6600.

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