Lowering the Cost of Travel Management

What is iBank?
iBank is a web-based travel data consolidation and reporting tool designed to address the needs of a travel organizations seeking to better manage their operating expenses and increase productivity. iBank gathers travel data from various sources including the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and back-office accounting systems for up-to-the-minute reporting from the World Wide Web, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, around the world.

Why iBank?
Today’s business environment demands an increased attention to detail, particularly when it comes to expenses. With travel and entertainment being the third largest line item in a corporation’s budget, it is imperative to understand what is being spent and by whom. It is equally important that key decision makers have access to this information in a manner and format that they can understand. By being able to quickly analyze timely and accurate information, companies can then be proactive in their efforts to manage critical business issues such as contract compliance, vendor negotiations and risk management. iBank provides this capability to over 80,000 corporations, including 225 of the Fortune 500, enabling them to make smart business decisions.

Sound Familiar?

Problem Solution
We spend a significant amount of time and money producing travel spend reports and they are often outdated by the time we are ready to use them iBank enables you, via the web, to run 120 standard and unlimited custom reports that provide you with an up-to-the-minute, overall picture of your global travel spend
When I sit down with my preferred vendors I am forced to rely on their historical information to negotiate my pricing iBank enables you to actively track your real-time spend by vendor so that you can better manage and negotiate preferred contracts
If management came to me and demanded to know where all of our travelers are right now I couldn't tell them At a moment’s notice iBank provides you the ability to report on the location of all of your travelers worldwide
Our travel data resides with numerous vendors and when we want to see a consolidated view we can’t iBank consolidates data from multiple sources and provides you with a single, comprehensive view of your global travel information
Our CFO keeps asking why we are spending so much money on travel in spite of our travel policy and I don’t have the data I need to answer him iBank provides you with access to the information necessary to actively monitor and report on travel policy compliance

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