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5 Passenger Experience Innovations That May Make Flying Better

Amid a dearth of new plane models, the aviation industry is intensifying the search for in-cabin innovations to lure passengers with wider seats, faster service and even fresh pancakes.

Among developments this year, Qatar Airways revealed a business berth which can be swiveled to form a meeting area for four or a double bed. Dubai-based Emirates, which already offers airborne showers on its A380 superjumbos, is giving its flkying bars a saloon-style redo. Meanwhile, Airbus Group SE said it's redesigning the A380 double-decker's so-calld gran staircase to create more space for passengers.

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Room-service robots

At a popular hotel nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, two long-separated technologies came together not long ago — all in the name of toothpaste.

A small robot, outfitted with 3D cameras, was loaded up with a bath kit, a newspaper and a spare towel. It then took the supplies, rolled out of the lobby, called for the elevator and delivered the items to a guest room. Read more.



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Experience More of New Zealand wtih Air New Zealand

Kia Ora! Amazing new experiences are just one overnight flight away. Throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand, you'll have your choice of unique adventures, hiking, climbinb or kayaking across landscapes famous the world over, and savor the freshest local produce and world-class wines. Start the day at the top of a mountain - then drift asleep to the sounds of the ocean. There's an incredible choice of things to do. Leap into outdoor adventures connect with Maori culture, or embrace pure relaxation. It's friendly and easy to get around with Kiwis' warm, genuine hospitality.


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