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Hyatt Hotels and Resorts is giving travelers the one thing they've said they want the most: free Wi-Fi. Starting in February all guests at Hyatt hotels worldwide began to get free Wi-Fi on an unlimited number of devices in both guest rooms and public spaces. They won't have to be members of Hyatt's loyalty program. Nor will they have to book directly with the hotel.
Hyatt believes the move "doesn't just help travelers. It helps us just as much," Kristine Rose, vice president of brands for Hyatt, wrote in a blog item. "We can't continue to differentiate and innovate our guest experiences when we're charging some guests for the technology that powers future improvements."

TSA Cares
TSA Cares is a toll-free helpline for passengers with disabilities and medical conditions that provides information to those who need extra assistance before traveling. TSA Cares representatives are available Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 11:00 pm Eastern Time.

For more information about TSA Cares and screening for passengers with disabilities and medical conditions, please visit


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Avalon Cruise Directors Day in Fort Wayne
Where: Travel Leaders, 10202-D Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana
When: Thursday, February 26, 2015


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